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??? 3 years ago
brodie a different breed he out here sleeping in jeans and a t shirt lmao
Karen 3 years ago
When she is fucking him side ways is the best
3 years ago
Only watched this because she's doing all the work and I like that. Not the title at all
Story continues 2 years ago
1 year later
Dad: *knock* did I hear a baby crying
Daughter: Must of been them old pipes again dad
Dad: Weird.. This house must be haunted.
5 years later
Daughter: Ok Liam, finish your homework first and ice cream second
Dad: *yells* hunny!!
Daughter: shit! Liam hide under the bed now!
Daughter: One second!!! *opens the door*
GrossGirl 3 years ago
The whole family thing is so unnecessary.. ignore the title and bad acting and its aight LOL
Story Continues - 2 2 years ago
Dad: hey hunny, meet Zac Bagans from Ghost Adventures. He will release the demonic entity from this house and finally no more creepy pipe noise.
Zac: I feel a cold tingling feeling right over here, could you go grab me the EVP from downstairs? I will talk to your daughter in the meantime
Zac: Can you describe this demonic entity?
Daughter: it’s big.. and thick.. I feel it inside me when I’m next to my brother.
Story Continues - 4 2 years ago
Alright folks... don’t know where I’m going with this... I cummed already. Good night
Story Continues - 3 2 years ago
Zac: does your brother feel it too?
Daughter: he says he dreams about it sometimes, he says it goes in and out of him until he finally let go of his seamen
Zac: wow that is a first
Son: *under the bed* mom can I have ice cream now?
Zac: holly f*%k did you hear thatttt? Did you hear that? Omg get the EVP! I hope you got this on camera
Camera man: This was crystal clear!! Dudeee
Zac: Little Boy! Are you lurking behind these walls?
Why 3 years ago
Why does her head twitch around like that?! Creepy
jpa Pb 3 years ago
This guy forget
Close the door